Young Artists’ Showcase

This competition is open to 5th through 8th grade students from Macon County and surrounding areas.  Original artwork created during the last year is eligible.  Artwork may be submitted by classroom teachers OR by individuals themselves. The exhibition will be January 7 – 29, 2022 in the Anne Lloyd Gallery, Madden Arts Center. The Award Ceremony will take place Friday evening, January 7th, 2022, 5:30pm for 5th/6th & 6:30pm for 7th/8th grade. The event is open to the public. An invitation will be sent to the exhibiting artists, parents, and teachers. A student’s work will be chosen to be on the invitation. All artwork will remain on display through January during the regular Arts Center hours. The artwork should be picked up at Gallery 510, 160 East Main Street in February. Gallery 510 will be responsible for work left after February 2022.

Eligible Artists

Any 5th through 8th grade student in and around Macon County.  Artwork need not be framed or matted to enter.  Judging is done purely on the merits of the artwork.  Does not need to have been done in school or in a class setting.  Parents, grandparents, teachers or guardian of a young artist may enter the work for them.


We are again inviting you, area art teachers, to submit up to 2 pieces of your own artwork. Gallery 510 Art & Framing will exhibit your artwork at 160 East Main Street during January as the featured show there. The First Friday reception will be January 7th and feature both the work of the local teachers at Gallery 510 and the Young Artists’ Showcase at the Madden Arts Center’s Anne Lloyd Gallery. Pieces may be for sale if you would like, but it is not required. Commission of 50% will apply.

We would love to see what you do! Please note that work needs to be prepared for hanging with a frame and wire. No sawtooth hangers will work. Pedestals can be made available for any three-dimensional work. Please let us know if you have any questions. If you can participate, please let me know how many pieces you can show, as well as the size and media by November 16 if possible.


Submission Deadline: Friday, November 19, 2021

Original* Artwork created during the last year is eligible. Artwork may be submitted by classroom teachers or by individuals themselves. Matting and framing is not required and will not be considered in the judging but will be accepted. We encourage creativity in all mediums (painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, photography or mixed media). Compositions must be that of the artist. No copies of another artist’s work nor kits will be accepted. Only one entry per student. Judges will look for technical competence and craftsmanship in the medium chosen while looking for personal style and expression of ideas, thoughts or concepts. Exhibition will be limited to about 100 pieces of artwork. Notifications of acceptance in the show will be e-mailed early in December to the teacher or parent. Postcard invitations to the reception will be sent by post to accepted students. Best of Show ($25) and other awards will be recognized for 5th/6th and 7th/8th grades separately.

All registration forms MUST BE SUBMITTED IN DUPLICATE. (1) Form may be printed neatly or typed, (2) Attach one copy to the back of the artwork for proper return to the artist, and (3) Submit second copy to Gallery 510 for registration digitally by email. Please contact us if unable to submit entries by email. Sample form follows but should include: Student’s name, Title of work, Medium, Address/zip code of student, Telephone, Teacher and Grade. The address and zip code are very important for the purpose of sending an acceptance notice as well as an invitation to the family for the award ceremony. Privacy rules will be followed. Student’s personal information will NOT be displayed on the artwork.

For more information contact 217-422-1509 or

*ORIGINAL: work that is not copied directly from any published source (including the internet) unless the student has significantly and creatively modified or reinterpreted the original work. Copying from a photograph and rendering into another medium is NOT permitted unless the student has taken the photograph and had creative input into the photographic image/composition. This means no celebrity photographs.


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