Arts in Central Park

Save the Date: September 18-19, 2021

The Decatur Area Arts Council and Gallery 510 are preparing for the annual art fair in Central Park this September. We hope you are, too. Mark your calendar for the 3rd weekend in September. We will be marking the booth spaces on Thursday prior to all those white tents going up on Friday, September 17. You’re invited to be a V.I.P. or Very Important Person to AICP by promising to make a purchase during the weekend. What and how much is totally up to you. Just contact the Decatur Area Arts Council (2174233189) and let Kim know to add your name to the V.I.P. list. As a thank you all V.I.P.s are invited to a Preview Party under the tent on Friday evening.

Held each summer in Central Park, Downtown Decatur, Illinois, the Arts in Central Park outdoor art fair is organized as a collaboration between the Decatur Area Arts Council and Gallery 510. The 2 entities have worked together on this art fair for approximately 25 years.  An Art Fair has existed in Central Park since 1962 but has only been a juried fair since 1995.

Decatur Area Arts Council and Gallery 510 are dedicated to hosting an art show of the highest quality.  There is a festive atmosphere with music, children’s activities and food booths creating a pleasant and rewarding experience for everyone.

Artist Space

One 10’x10’ space is provided for each artist.  Spaces vary in clearance height due to trees.  If you use a canopy, please indicate height on the application so the committee can assign you a suitable location.  Special requests will be considered when possible.  Please note on application.


Complimentary coffee and refreshments are provided for the artists both days of the art fair.  Assistance is available for set-up and take-down Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Booth sitters will be available for breaks each day.  Security provided on Friday and Saturday nights.  Lunch options include vendors on the grounds and nearby restaurants.  Monetary awards and ribbons, determined by qualified judges, will be presented for Best of Show and in each of the 6 categories.  Number of places in each category based on number of artists in each category.

Application Process

All visual fine art and fine craft is accepted for Arts in Central Park. The application deadline is June 1st of each year. All new artists must be juried in order to be accepted into the show.

  • Complete the AICP application. This is available online through ZAPP.
  • Submit five images that clearly represent all art to be exhibited
  • Images must be of work completed by the artist in the past two years
  • Artwork will be evaluated by three qualified jurors for craftsmanship, originality, and design
  • Applications must be submitted by June 1, 2021