Gallery 510 Art & Framing is most appreciative for the support given to our visual fine arts programming from the following agencies in the form of a grant:

The Illinois Arts Council Agency
The most recent grant received was 2022. We are proud to be recognized as an organization worthy of their support.

The Decatur Area Arts Council
The DAAC has given grants over the years for various programs but now supports the Gallery in-kind as a sponsor of several programs. Young Artists’ Showcase, the Arts in Education Spring Exhibit, and the October National.

Come Together, Be Empowered
This organization supports the October National which takes place during Breast Cancer Awareness month.  These grants were received in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019.

Sharon Arts in Central Park


Herb Slodounik Artistic Merit Award

This award has been given out since 1999 to a deserving person in the community.  Recipients have been student artists, professional artists, art teachers and patrons of the arts.  A certificate and $100 is given in recognition of their contributions to the arts community.  The award continues annually.

4H Visual Arts Award

Each year a trophy is presented to a 4H artist at their annual fine arts & crafts show which was held during the Macon County Fair but is currently at the Decatur Area Arts Council.

Young Artists’ Showcase

5th/6th grade Best of Show was awarded to 6th grader Madalynn Smith from Parsons Elementary School.

7th/8th grade Best of Show was awarded to 7th grader Annie Niebrugge who is home schooled.

There are about 115 works of art in the exhibit. Each student will receive a white, red or blue ribbon.

Best of Show recipients are given a $25 check. Read more about Young Artists’ Showcase.

October National

Awards are given to winners of 3D and 2D as well as Best of Show overall and Breast Cancer Awareness. Read more about October National.

Arts in Central Park

This program is in conjunction with the Decatur Area Arts Council. Awards average up to $2,000. There is a Best of Show and 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places in as many as 6 categories. Read more about Arts in Central Park.