Artist Profile

Glenda Sue Goodpaster

As a painter, I paint with oils, acrylics, watercolors and most recently pastels. Pastels have become a great source of gratification and inspiration for me because they are essentially pure pigment and can be applied directly from hand to paper. It is the versatility in which it can be applied as well as the unparalleled luminosity, texture, and color that come alive to create a spontaneous interpretation that appeals to me. I always enjoy experimenting with new media and materials as well.

My style of art has mainly been realism that leans toward impressionism. My subject matter is usually the result of human events, an arresting moment I experience in nature or places from my travels around the world. I try to tell the story of that event or place. The relationship between light and shadow and its influence on texture and color create drama, excitement and many moods. While I occasionally do plein aire painting, I most often use my memory, sketches and camera to capture the moment. Then in my studio I create my interpretation with paint on paper or canvas. I truly can’t imagine a life without being able to create and tell a story through art.


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