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Debra Mielke

Debra Mielke

“I started my art hobby 18 years ago with the inspiration from my husband. I found an oil painting class and learned the basics. I immediately joined several art leagues within the Chicago suburbs and volunteered my time with each league. I held many different board positions over the next 10 years. I was fortunate to have great instructors such as Marge Hall, This Malenchik, and Tom Traush associated with these clubs.

As I grew in my abilities I started winning ribbons and sold pieces of my artwork. I also participated in single day and week-long workshops where it is a privilege to learn from some of our greatest artists in the U.S.

I have met and retained friendships throughout this journey. Since moving to Mackinaw, I have had the great privilege to attend an Elizabeth Robbins workshop and last fall a Laura Robb workshop.

My passion now is pastels. I travel to Springfield every Wednesday for classes with Tracey Maras, who I have learned a lot on how to use pastels. They are so vibrant and creamy soft.

My husband and I travel all around the world and I use the photos to inspire my creations. My goal is to be efficient in Plein-Air and still life setups.”


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